hr outsourcing


HR outsourcing is a focused effort to give our Clients the necessary Human Resources Management support on a day-to-day basis. The various support services offered include:

  • General Industrial Relations Management.
  • Customized Recruitment Services.
  • Training Needs Analysis.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Administration of Discipline.
  • In-house Training.
  • Development of Employment Codes.
  • Updating Operating Manuals.
  • People Measurement (Psychometric Testing).



Proserve Consulting Group has decided to expand its portfolio and come up with a Special Projects division.

The special projects division is designed to offer comprehensive business solutions for all business sizes i.e. Small enterprises to large enterprises. We offer innovative, unique and practical customized solutions that align to our clients' business objectives. The range of our exciting services and products include:

  • Getting to the heart of customer care
  • Enhancing organizational effectiveness through team building  
  • Coaching and mentoring for effective performance management
  • Managing in a crisis situation
  • Successful recruitment and selection techniques for line managers  
  • Personal branding image
  • Outplacement counseling